Top 7 reasons to join CodeBetter to start your IT career faster!

Unlike other institutes, CodeBetter believes in not just giving the knowledge, but also hands-on experience on trending IT technologies. This helps our students to get placed faster!

Let us see some highlights that have made us the top IT Training Institutes in Indore!

1) Training team with IT industry experience:

We have a team of trainers who are experts in their respective domains. We train our students by providing them personal attention so that our students understand the gravity of what they are being trained on!

2) Small batch size:

A small batch size helps us in providing efficient training to our students. Hence, we get enough time to train each student perfectly and faster!

3) Minimal theory; Maximum hands-on:

Maximum theory practice doesn’t help in getting placed. A good hands-on experience makes it easy for the students to understand the technologies better. Hence, IT companies keep our students on priority when it comes to hiring!

4) State of the art lab for development & testing:

With all the latest technologies, we give our students their personal space and a job like feeling so that they can grasp faster during their training!

5) Best IT Internship in Indore:

Giving our students the right knowledge and providing them a job like experience during their Internship has made us the best providers of IT Internship in Indore!

6) iOS Training Institute in Indore:

Getting our students trained and placed faster has made us one of the best iOS Training Institutes in Indore! As we understand the importance of iOS in today’s market, we train our students and make them ready to build the most creative and finest iOS applications with ease!

7) IT Training in Indore with 100% placement:

Our trainers take efforts behind making our students ready to take on any challenge. We not just train our students but develop an interest in them so that they can learn and understand the technology they are being trained on. This has helped us get our students placed right after their course gets over!

So if you are wanting to start your IT career faster, join CodeBetter now!

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