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iOS or iPhone operating system is a mobile operating system and is the most popular brand around the world. iOS is the world’s most leading state of the art mobile operating system, based on the Macintosh OS X with cutting-edge technology, and has been developed and distributed by Apple Inc since 2007. It was initially launched along with iPhone, iPod Touch, and Apple TV. iOS is Apple’s mobile version of the OS X operating system used in Apple computers. iOS supports C, C, C++, and Swift programming language. iPhone, iPod, and iPod all have been developed with iOS as its mobile operating system.

iOS Developer is a trendy profession in the field of Information Technology and the most in-demand mobile technology that requires hot skills. India is a country that is known to house innovative iOS Developers. The software industry is rapidly expanding, and the demand for iOS Developers is increasing exponentially globally, while the demand & supply gap of certified iOS Developers has been widening over the last few years.

Ideate that you’ve finally decided on mobile development as your career option and you are a bit confused over a question. iOS or Android? You just need a small piece of information to swing the vote in iOS favor. This article will give you the top Reasons to Kick start your career as an iOS Developer:-

  1. YOU ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT iOS TECHNOLOGY: Apple’s products are in vogue currently and many are diehard fans of Apple. Reckoning at the popularity and demand for Apple’s products, it is safe to say that a career in iOS Development is a good bet. Experienced as well as entry-level professionals are choosing iOS Development as a career option because there are enormous job opportunities that provide a handsome package and excellent career growth.
  2. iOS IS STATE OF ART MOBILE TECHNOLOGY: iOS is the world’s most advanced mobile operating system. Now you can build even more intelligent apps using the power of machine learning with Core ML 2 and Create ML.
  3. WORLD HAS A PRODIGIOUS APPETITE FOR NEW AND BETTER APPS: The World’s demand for new and innovative apps is on the rise. Developers can spell some magic and show their hot skills by developing exciting and innovative apps that run on the iOS platform. The demand for iOS Developers will also remain high in the coming years since skilled professionals are essential for maintaining and improving existing applications.
  4. MORE DEVELOPERS ARE REQUIRED CURRENTLY TO SATISFY ECONOMY’S DEMAND: The existing shortage is mainly due to the soaring demand for new apps, a growing number of iOS devices shipped, the number of start-ups focusing on mobile apps, and the number of them wanting to develop their iOS app, has resulted in a phenomenal need for the iOS professionals.
  5. iOS SOARING DEMAND ACROSS INDUSTRIES: Retail, Insurance, Banking, Automobiles, and Health are some of the industries that are witnessing a lot of demand. Other industries like Travel, Transportation, and Financial Markets, Energy and Utilities, Telecom, and FMCG are some of the other sectors that require iOS Developers.
  6. YOU ARE LIKELY TO MAKE MORE MONEY: The average salary for iOS professionals is 68% higher than the average salary for other job postings in the United States. The trend is similar in other countries too including India. Android may have more market penetration than iOS but iOS app purchasers have more disposable household income than the Android user.
  7. YOU WANT TO USE ADVANCED AND SOPHISTICATED TOOLS FOR APP DEVELOPMENT: iOS tools are easy and simple to use because these tools like Xcode are very sleek and they are much mature than the equivalent Android tools.
  8.  IT IS BETTER, TO BEGIN WITH, iOS: The iOS platform is somewhat more limited and structured. The rules and restrictions associated with iOS make it easier for the novice to learn the art of App making and protect him from going off the track.
  9. YOU WANT TO DEAL WITH FEWER UPDATES: The adoption rate of iOS on Apple devices is quite high as compared to Android and this just means that if you become a developer you will be required to spend more time on making a high-quality app and less time on updating those apps.
  10. YOU WILL CREATE BRANDS: iOS Developers are responsible for building instinctive and spectacular apps for mobiles that are powered by Apple’s iOS operating system. This way iOS Developers significantly contribute to a brand, as poorly designed apps can bring down the image of the company or any other organization.
  11. YOU CAN LEARN SWIFT PROGRAMMING: Swift is a new programming language for iOS and OS X apps developed by Apple Inc. Not much time has passed since the inception of the Swift language but it has gained much popularity and acceptance from the developer’s community in a very little time. Swift as a programming language is advanced, glitch-free, popular, and most importantly it is very high in demand. However, Indian Universities and colleges have not included Swift as a programming language in the student’s syllabus, although it is quintessential for a developer to know this language today to have an edge in the Job Market. But you need not worry because our courses cover Swift Language.

Mobile is the hottest vogue today in the IT World today, indisputably, and probably will remain so for many upcoming years. There are lakhs of vacant job positions, around the world who are looking for iOS developers today. Companies are looking for every level of programmers — interns, juniors, mids, seniors, and experts. You need to start today and start learning for a golden career in the IT World. This article was for beginners — Join us and surely Code Better will try to help you land your first job as an iOS programmer.


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