Prominent IT Companies are waiting for you! Join CodeBetter now and start your IT Career!

As the new era of technology is increasing, there are many opportunities present to start your IT career.

However, it is agreed by many that getting the right IT job in one go is as impossible as finding gold buried under your house. This statement may be true for many but it can be proved wrong if you are trained and guided correctly!

IT is a field where starting your career is the toughest! This is due to high competition as the fresher count of engineers is the highest!

However, proving the difficult points wrong, CodeBetter has a unique approach towards training and placements! CodeBetter is known to provide 100% placement to its students by training them on new and on-going technologies. This is because of the dedication of the team and teaching techniques.

Like several other Engineers, even our students were jobless for almost 2 years after completing their engineering! The problem was not in any company … The problem was in the skills, and lack of knowledge on upgraded and changing technologies.

However, when these students joined CodeBetter, their life changed completely as they got trained and placed in well-known IT companies. We train our students on trending courses like iOS App Development, React JS development, Python Django App development, Testing Automation, and more!

Many of our students took a step ahead and visited the CodeBetter office just to be assured if we can give them a 100% placement after their course. Things went as a surprise for them when they visited CodeBetter! At CodeBetter, we asked them to relax and join the course ASAP and let us take care of their job placements!

We train our students with the personal attention of the trainers. The trainers at CodeBetter are highly professional and follow complete research of what they teach. Many students say that they never received this kind of perfect training even during their college days! Our students also get a chance to work on current technology development projects!

It just takes 2 months for our students to be completely trained and job-ready! Immediately after the training, our students are scheduled for their interviews in well-known IT companies!

So if you have still not got an opportunity in your IT career … Join CodeBetter and start your IT career just like several other CodeBetter students!

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