My Happy Training At CodeBetter!

I completed my engineering from a normal college and I never got a chance of any campus placement.

So right after my graduation, I started searching for a job. I received many calls from many companies for the interview. I had hopes and attended all the interviews that were lined up for me. However, I used to get rejected due to many reasons. Some interviews were not even related to the IT profile.

I was a bit frustrated as it was now 2 years since I was searching for a job after my graduation! My parents were worried and were thinking that it was a bad decision to go for engineering.

Then one day, I saw a post on Social Media about CodeBetter!

I immediately contacted the Indore office and visited the place for more information. I told them that I was searching for a job for 2 years now and am having a huge gap for any company to hire me.

They assured me that I will get a job soon and I can pay half of the fees now and the rest after I get a job.

I informed the same to my parents and joined CodeBetter for training. On my first day, I realized that the CodeBetter teaching style is very different. The Trainers were industry experts and they had a clear idea of whats going on in the market.

I not just got trained, but I also received hands-on experience with some amazing projects! I continued with the training for 2 months and was planning to start searching for a job again.

However, CodeBetter informed us about their campus placement process and we were introduced with some good IT Companies.

I wasted 2 years after my graduation and ended up having a huge gap. However, as soon as I joined CodeBetter, I got trained on current and trending technologies and got placed in 2 months!

My IT career started in 2 months after joining CodeBetter. Now I know that no gap can stop any IT graduate from getting a job as long as we have institutes like CodeBetter with us!

I started with my IT career, and now its time for you! Join CodeBetter now! Click for more details!

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