Life Changing Experience With CodeBetter!

I completed my engineering and after some struggles, I got placed in one of the IT companies in my city! I was always a quick learner and I love to experiment with new things and technologies!

I was working as a Sr. Android Developer in my company for over 5 years. I used to think that I have achieved it all and I no longer will have to learn new technology to maintain my job.

At that time, Android applications were trending big time. Smartphones had changed the world completely! But just then, iOS came in the picture offering head to head mobile technology to stay in the market with android.

I started thinking of switching from android to iOS. But how?

We had long meetings every day as we being an IT company, we wanted to stay in the market with a good amount of business! At first, we decided to hire iOS Developers and start with some projects. Our Boss was in daily research of iOS, its developers and the related staff! I so badly started feeling like practicing on iOS for my better future in my company, and so did my colleagues.

A few days later, when we all reached office, our Boss had chosen a team of 10 including me and gave us the news that we 10 people will be trained on iOS. We were excited and nervous at the same time. We knew about iOS but we were not experts in it.

Our Boss introduced CodeBetter to us and we were informed that CodeBetter’s trainers would train us on iOS.

Our training began. The trainers of CodeBetter were highly qualified and were the experts in what they were teaching us! They were the industry experts and knew the past, present and the future of iOS!

We got trained in 2 months and were sent for certification exam/interview so that our company can check if we were ready to take on the iOS projects. Surprisingly, all 10 of us cleared the certification and received the title of First iOS Developers of our company!

A new team was hired to support us and we became the heads of the projects we received! It was like a dream come true! We switched from Android to iOS in just 2 months!

We thank CodeBetter institute trainers and team for making a new career for us in just 2 months!

There are many companies and many employees who desire to switch from one technology to others. We recommend you to contact the CodeBetter team so that your employees can get trained in 2 months. All this from your office so that you can have a closer look at the progress level of your employees! It was a life-changing experience for us and it can be the same for you too!

So why wait? Contact team CodeBetter for more info! Click

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