I Got Trained On iOS In 2 Months!

I completed my Engineering 2 years ago. After my graduation, I wanted to develop my skills on iOS. I thought that iOS is a good career platform in today’s world. So I joined a random institute and got certified as an iOS Developer.

Everything was going well as I started receiving many calls for the interview. However, I got rejected in all the interviews that I attended.

My worry turned into fear, and I started giving up even before attending any interview. Then I thought of changing my field and start my career ASAP.

But just then, one of my friends told me about CodeBetter. At first, I was unsure of joining CodeBetter as I dint want to waste 6 months or a year in getting trained again. But my friend insisted me to at least visit the CodeBetter office.

So I gave it a thought and visited CodeBetter. The staff at CodeBetter informed me that I can pay 50% of the fees while joining, and the rest of the fees after placement. I was happy to know that and joined the CodeBetter iOS Training program.

It took 2 months for them to train me and get me placed in one of the best IT companies in Indore!

Now, I have my desired job and I am happy to have a career in iOS Development!

With CodeBetter, my IT Career started in 2 months! I recommend you all to join CodeBetter now so that even you can start your IT career faster!

Click https://codebetter.in/Contact-us.aspx for more details!

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