Get stress-free IT placements with CodeBetter IT Institute!

Computer Engineering is a field where we have countless students applying, pursuing, and those who have completed it. Everyone either wants to start a job or at least start with an internship that can help them find the right IT job.

As we are aware of today’s situation, getting placed in an IT company is the biggest challenge our fresher engineers face. Hence they strongly go for an internship, hoping that one day they might get a job. However, this really doesn’t happen.

Getting an internship means getting more educated on current and advanced technologies with an opportunity to work on live projects. So what is the reason behind our engineers not getting placed even after their internship?

Well … We interviewed several interns to know the reason. We came to know that the interns were being trained but not full-time. They were briefed about the advanced technologies and some information about the live projects. Due to this, the interns got half-trained which led to rejection during their company interviews.

We at CodeBetter tried to work on these issues for our interns. Being a training institute, our first priority is providing complete knowledge and practicals to our interns and students.

We decided to train our students on current and advanced technologies in IT by giving them individual attention. These few steps resulted in our interns getting placed faster than other institutes or internship companies.

We make sure that once the internship is over, the intern must get a job like an experience so that he/she clears the interview easily! We at CodeBetter are one of the few institutes that give our students and interns 100% placement after their internship or training. We make them job-ready so that they can start their career smoothly. Our student database says it all!

So if you are planning to start your career in IT, make CodeBetter your first step, and join us for training or internship and we will give you a 100% placement in IT Companies so that you start your IT career smoothly!

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