Don’t worry about the gap! Join CodeBetter and get placed faster!

Have you ever thought about what will happen if you have a gap in your education or career? Or, a long gap while you try and find the right IT job after your graduation?

How many companies do you know who hire candidates having a two years long gap? None right?

So what will you do if you are facing problems finding a job because of the gap?

The answer is simple! All you have to do is join the CodeBetter IT Institute!

At CodeBetter, we have a record of training students with educational, or career gaps, and getting them placed in top IT companies within two months!

Yes, you heard it right! We get our students trained and placed within two months!

Don’t believe us? Do you have a second thought of how this is possible?

Well, we do understand your concern, and that is the reason we have the best trainers to train you and make you job-ready right from day one! Along with the trainers, we also do have a policy for our students where they can pay 50% of the fee’s amount while joining and the rest 50% after getting placed!

CodeBetter was created for students, and our training program is planned and thought in such a way that every student of CodeBetter gets placed faster!

Hence, at CodeBetter, we will train you and get you placed even if you have a long gap!

Now no more waiting! Click now and start your IT career faster with CodeBetter!

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