CodeBetter! The Best Platform To Start Your IT Career!

IT Graduate count is increasing each year. Everyone wants to start their IT career as soon as they complete their engineering. Many of the students get placed in IT companies as interns. However, their real journey starts after they complete their internship. During the internship time, the students get a brief about the ongoing technology. But they hardly get any hands-on experience in the work. This results in the students being jobless after their internship.

Here at CodeBetter, we train our students by providing them with hands-on experience in IT projects and the latest trending technologies. This helps the students in better understanding in their area!

When to start with CodeBetter?

You can join CodeBetter anytime you want to. However, we recommend the students to join our courses and internship before they complete their graduation. This helps in getting placed easily through campus hiring. If in case, if any of the students do not get through to the campus hiring, we help our students get placed by our campus hiring! We have several students getting placed and starting their IT careers each year through us!

At CodeBetter, our students can pay 50% of their fees while joining us and the rest 50% can be paid after getting placed. Our standard course duration is 2 months. Yes! that means your IT career starts in just 2 months!

How do we know about trending technologies?

Our trainers are not just any engineers, but they are IT industry experts who have worked and mastered technologies. They transfer their knowledge to our students by giving them much needed personal attention! This helps our students understand the technology better and they can easily crack the interview to start their IT jobs!

So if you are an IT graduate and still jobless, now is the time for you to join CodeBetter and start your IT career! Pay 50% of the course fee while joining, and pay the rest 50% after you get placed and be a proud student who is capable to pay the fees by self-earned money!

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