10 most important steps that will help you become a successful Tester!

When it comes to learning automation testing, it is very important to learn in such a way that you can make an easy way to your placement. One must have a detailed knowledge of testing as this department in IT stands on a very important and higher spot.

Let’s learn about the 10 GitHub repositories to become a better tester, and also, let’s see where you can learn them!

1. Learn to test with publicly available resources: Identifying the right source is very important. At CodeBetter we teach you exactly the same for you never face any problems once we get you placed.

2. Free Online Learning Resources For Software Testers: CodeBetter trains you on all the free platforms and gets you practiced on the best one to choose according to your next project.

3. Knowledge of a big list of Naughty Strings: A good tester must have good knowledge about strings and how to work along with them.

4. The Art of Command Line Accessibility Testing Tools: Learn using the right testing tools to avoid errors and wasting time. Out of several testing tools, as a tester, you must know the right tool to use for each project.

5. Karate: One of the best processes to test right. Learn Karate at CodeBetter with a 100% placement guarantee.

6. Knowledge of a curated list of testing software for awesome Testing: Become an awesome software tester by learning with a curated list of testing software.

7. Information Security / Hacking for Beginners: Information Security / Hacking is very important for beginners. It will develop great interest in you to proceed further with your testing learnings.

8. Perfect knowledge of the Mobile App Testing Checklist: Have a perfect checklist for app testing. Learn this technique from the best. Join CodeBetter to enjoy learning to test.

9. Learn how to use the reverse Engineer’s Toolkit: Get trained and practice well on the reverse engineering toolkit.

10. Accessibility Testing Tools: Accessibility testing tools, the most important parts of testing can get you a few steps ahead in learning and understanding well.

So, learn the right steps at CodeBetter and become the best Tester! Stay tuned in for more detailed testing tricks. CodeBetter not just trains you but also gets you placed in well-known IT companies. Start your IT career faster with CodeBetter! Click https://codebetter.in/contact-us.html to contact us and start your IT career!

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