A set of commands, instructions, and other syntax used to create software is called as programming language. A coder writes a programme in high-level languages whose code can be compiled into a low-level language which is understood by the computer hardware. High-level languages are closer to humans. Examples of high-level languages include C++, Java, Perl, and PHP.

Coders are innovative people who think analytically and know how to cross barriers and everyday problems more efficiently to facilitate their success. If you make your child learn Coding today then it will be a lifetime opportunity for him to learn new skills and have a competitive edge over others, especially in this highly digital world.

Let’s find out some of the benefits of learning Programming Language

  1. EDUCATIONAL BENEFITS: Computer is the future of tomorrow. Most of the schools in India have included Computer as a part of the school curriculum. Schools have also started including Coding in the school’s syllabus to prepare the children for tomorrow’s tough completion. The basic idea behind including computer programming in a student’s curriculum is establishing a strong foundation today in the kids’ lives so that they will successfully use and manage technology tomorrow. Strong IT and programming Skills will help them build their future tomorrow.
  2. IMPROVE YOUR CHILD’S CREATIVITY: Kids are creative by nature and therefore they think out of the box. If coding is learned by kids religiously in their childhood then it will help them in the development of their brain. Learning Coding will also develop the written and communication skill of your child apart from the IT skills.
  3. THINKING COMPUTATIONALLY: Computational thinking is all about conveying your ideas in a structured and logical way. It is a problem solving process that involves a series of steps called as algorithm, to solve problems. CT also enhances the ability to optimistically deal with complex problems. It also promotes thinking analytically and logically and then solving problems in a methodical way that could be replicated by a machine. Software engineers, computer programmers, use this method of thinking to solve problems. The result of CT is a paradigm shift in thinking about how the world works.
  4. JOB OPPORTUNITIES: Coding offers multiple job opportunities. Coding specialists are well-paid and highly sought-after profession today. Your Child needs to be well versed with coding technology for a bright future tomorrow. If you are a Programmer than you can get the following Jobs in the market:-
    a. Software Application Developer
    b. Web Developer
    c. Database administrator
    d. Computer Network architect
    e. Computer System Analyst
    f. Software Quality Assurance Engineer
    g. Business Intelligence Analyst
    h. Network System Administrator
    i. Computer Programmer.
    a. Coders and Programmers have high earning potential
    b. Evergreen Demand for Coders and programmers
    c. Coding offers flexibility in your career
    d. Coding can turn you into an Entrepreneur!
    e. You can act as a teacher or trainer and teach others

After learning all about coding benefits, you might be thinking of becoming one. Coding was once considered as a ‘novel pass time’ hobby but today it is a critical career skill. Employers pay a premium to the employees with coding and programming skills. Coding can give you a Rewarding career and thus you should consider it. This article was for students and Job seekers seeking career in Coding and Programming — we specialize in and offer C, C++, Java Programming languages, Android Development Course, iOS App Development course. Join us and surely Code Better will try to help you land your first job as a Coder.

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